About ccdeleo

My home is now in Thailand. I have lived here for a little over 16 years.

Unfortunately I am still not able to speak the language, which often leaves me in dark about what is going on around me. Sometimes that is a good thing though.

My life is centered around my work, and hanging out with my new best friend Susie.

Susie Q

It has been several years since my dog Jake had a stroke.

Visit  Jake’s Selfie Page on Facebook!

Susie, like Jake, is a big Golden Retriever, and does not like to be far from my side.

We live in an area just outside of Chiang Mai. It is quiet and peaceful, and  offers an environment surrounded by natural beauty.

I grew up in Southern California. My family moved frequently, as a child the longest we lived in one place was 3 years. Our surroundings were constantly changing, we would move from an apartment to a house, then back to another apartment, then to a house, back to an apartment, you get the idea.

When we were in a house the yard work was too much, so my Mom wanted an apartment. An apartment was too small, with my 3 siblings and parents more space was needed, so back to a house we would go. Sometimes we would move to be  closer to a job my father had, once the family split up due to bankruptcy, one sister lived, with our maternal grandmother, my elder brother and sister stayed with friends, and as the baby of the family, I stayed with my parents at my paternal grandmother’s house. Eventually we all got back together under one roof.

I can remember in 4th grade I went to 4 different schools, because we moved 4 times that year.

My sister Judy hated it every time we moved. I was always excited, I loved the change. The first thing I would do in our new home was walk around the neighborhood, knock on doors, introduce myself, and ask if they had any kids.

Today, my sister has been living in same place for over 30 years. It still have gypsy blood, and have continued the habit of seeking change in my environment. As I said, have lived in Thailand 16 years, and have lived in 14 different places. I have been settled for close to two years now in the paradise I once enjoyed with Jake. (But have moved 6 times around the property : ).

I am very happy where I am now, I have everything  I want and I am enjoying living in the present everyday. Life is what you make it.

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